Frequently Asked Questions

1) What should I do to take care of the finish on my piano and furniture?
Answer: For routine dusting, a lightly dampened cloth does just fine. In spite of what you may have heard, you can use Pledge on fine finishes. Just realize what it does: it deposits a thin coat of silicone based polish to bring up the shine. It does not soak into the wood (assuming the finish coat is good). It remains on top of the finish until it is wiped or worn away, at which time you can do it again. One warning; NEVER spray any kind of polish near the tuning pins or strings of a piano. The spray can wind up seeping into the pinblock, rendering the piano untunable. Better to spray your dust cloth instead.

2) Does the piano have to be tuned every time I move it?
Answer: It depends, once again, upon how critical of a listener you are, and if the move was simply across the room or across the country. As a rule, don’t worry about it if it’s just across the room. Another warning: most grand piano legs will not take the strain of being pushed, especially on carpet. Be safe, and either call a professional piano mover, or move it carefully with as many people surrounding it for support as possible.

3) Can’t I just get 6 guys to move the piano in my pickup truck?
Answer: NO!! It’s just not worth the risk. I’ll bet there aren’t too many piano techs who haven’t been called to help put together a piano that has fallen over the side of a pickup truck. Upright pianos are very top heavy, and even a person experienced in tying knots is taking a deadly chance attempting to secure a piano in an open bed pickup. If you must move it yourself, get an enclosed trailer or truck.

4) I have a piece of furniture that I would like refinished.  Does your company refinish furniture, as well as pianos?
Answer: Yes. Our shop is all set up to do quality refinishing work on pianos and/or any other type of furniture.  Just give us a call or fill out our Contact Us Form, and we will be happy to give you a quote.


We specialize in pianos AND furniture refinishing. Whether it’s an old piece or more recent, such as a dining table that’s seen better days, we can give it a face lift and make it something special!